Tattoo Care


Well, here’s the interesting part. I say that because many artists will have many different ways of instructing you as to how to care for your new tattoo. It’s not that one way is the right way, and all the other ways are wrong (with the exception of a few idiots). But one must adhere to their artist’s instructions and DO NOT listen to friends, neighbors or anyone else offering their personal remedy for aftercare. These are my instructions, and if you got a tattoo from me, then I expect you to follow my instructions as follows:

  1. Remove bandage after 2 or so hours. DO NOT rebandage tattoo, unless directed to do so.
  2. Wash tattoo with mild soap and water. Pat dry gently.
  3. Apply a THIN coat of any antibiotic ointment (A&D, Bacitracin, Triple Antibiotic, Neosporin) 4 – 6 times daily, or as needed for 5-7 days, unless directed to do otherwise.
  4. Shower as usual. Wash tattoo gently and pat dry.
  5. After 5-7 days of using the ointment, apply hand lotion or good moisturizer for an additional 5-7 days to finalize the healing.
  6. NO picking or scratching tattoo while healing. NO direct sunlight to tattoo or soaking (baths, pools, oceans, etc.) for 2 full weeks.


Don’t guess, ask your friends or call other studios.


Nowadays, many artists are recommending unscented handlotion instead of ointment. Many will say that the ointment clogs the pores or slows healing – all of which are untrue. Ointment has been used for 80 yrs on tattoos. The key is to use the ointment lightly and not glob it on thick. Hand lotion absorbs well, but then you’re dry again in an hour. Unless you’re experienced with using hand lotion and know how to use it effectively, please use the ointments.

Remember, a tattoo is actually an abrasion – a wound – just like scraping your knee. If you had a cut or you scraped your arm really good, would you run and grab the hand lotion, or would you use an ointment designed for first-aid? When you fell off your skateboard as a kid and scraped your elbow, did you run in the house and yell, “Mom!! Where’s the hand lotion?? Answer that question yourself.