Inspired by my mother, I grew up watching her work in just about every medium possible, breathing life into everything she created. Sharing the same talent, art was my main pasttime that eventually led me into various fields and even found me creating work for novelty clothing designers, Disney advertizing, Touchstone Pictures, TIAA-CREF, Sony Records and other national publications and businesses.

Dissatisfied with almost everything I created, due to creative limitations put upon me by the client, art seemed more of a chore and an upset, rather than satisfaction. I almost vowed never to delve into the arts again when I was introduced to the world of tattooing.

Having gotten a horrible tattoo by a person who epitomized everything that was wrong with the tattoo industry, and pushed along by my very persistant friends, the idea sank in that maybe I could tattoo as well – and be clean, artistic, creative, and most importantly, make the client happy and come back for more!

Using what I had learned over the 20+ years of looking over my mother’s shoulder and following her guidance and examples, I have created tattoo art over the last 27 years that tries to take that one-step-beyond the norm and bypass the standardizations that most have merely come to expect in an ordinary tattoo.

Having a true love for portraits and realism – whether it be a face, wildlife, scenery or flowers – my goal is to create life as we see it – real. I also enjoy doing just about any other form of artwork in tattooing as well.

“A tattoo should do nothing less than accent the shape and beauty of the human body, and then the body will do nothing less than accent the shape and beauty of the tattoo.”

I have now resettled into the Pacific Northwest in Spokane, WA and am presently working at Mom's Custom Tattoo Studio in Spokane, WA.