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September 25, 2018

Floral tattoos in Spokane

September 25, 2018

St Michael Tattoos

im always trying to break from the norm when it comes to St. Micheal tattoos.  who needs the standard, typical image everyone wants, when you can do something unique, one-of-a-kind and mind blowing. Take a look at some of my St Michael Tattoos and let me know if you have any questions.
September 19, 2017

Freshwater Fish Tattoos in Spokane, WA

If youre looking for a tattoo artist in Spokane, Wa who does freshwater fish, look no further.  Not only does tattoo artist Andrew Sussman create fine, realistic freshwater fish tattoos, but he puts them into full scenes with backgrounds and other natural elements to give it a truly natural feel.  Anyone can slap a fish on you, but it takes talent, knowledge and a good artistic eye to give it a full scene like it belongs somewhere. Be sure to look at Andrew Sussman’s full portfolio of nature and animals and get youre incredible tattoo in Spokane at Screaming Ink Tattoo in Spokane, WA.  Below is a sample of some of his freshwater fish tattoos;
September 6, 2017

Animal & Nature Tattoos in Spokane, WA

Tattoo artist Andrew Sussman in Spokane, WA is known for his nature and wildlife realism when it comes to tattoos and making tattoo work come to life.  Whether it is a flower and a humming bird or a fox portrait or a complete scene of wildlife, Andy’s work is quite unique as his attention to detail sets him apart from most other artists out there in Spokane today.  An active teacher in the field, he teaches courses in nature and wildlife realism at conventions around the country as well. Below are some examples of his nature work. Be sure to visit Screaming Ink Custom Tattoo Shop in Spokane, WA to see him there, or email him at for a consult today. ture  
September 1, 2017

Portrait tattoos in Spokane, WA

Portrait tattoos are particularly interesting b/c while everyone seems to claim to do and offer them in their tattoo shops, most tattoo artists are better geared for a different style of work and shouldnt be doing portraits.  Tattoo artist Andrew Sussman was trained in an art household watching his world renowned portrait painter mother work on masterpieces of the human form and portrait masterwork since he was a kid. You will never cease to be amazed at how this upbringing translated into Andy’s own ability to create realistic portrait tattoos, now working in Spokane, WA at Screaming Ink Custom Tattoos.   His attention to detail is remarkable and you will be thoroughly impressed with his realistic portrait tattoos.  Below are some samples on his work.  Hope you like what you see!!!